Walking together alone | 獨自同行

Oil Street

Fabian Gutscher及吳佳儒Fabian Gutscher and Wu Jiaru聲音裝置(現成物﹑聲音系統﹑低頻震動器﹑木平台),行為表演Reactive sound installation (Found objects, audio system, bass shakers, wooden platform), performance2018《獨自同行》可被視為一項長期行為藝術,是Fabian Gutscher為時超過六個月的前作《Coupling Walks》之延伸作品。其新作將與香港藝術家吳佳儒共同合作完成。Fabian Gutscher與吳佳儒會在展覽期間舉辦數次遠程同行活動。

《獨自同行》由一組聲音裝置,與展期內在香港進行的數次參與式藝術表演所組成。作品始於步行與人際連繫的概念,構想各個個體在不同的地方一同行走。藝術家鼓勵參與者在路途上拾取一物,步行活動完結後將物件放在展場的聲音裝置上,使其成為一個集體建構的成果,而吳佳儒和Fabian Gutscher是連結香港與瑞士步行網絡的兩個節點。藝術家會為每次步行設想一些特定任務,並在兩個城市同步進行,此部分可被總結為「八個行走的理由」。Walking Together Alone can be understood as long-term-performance. It is the continuation of the Coupling Walks conducted over six month by Fabian Gutscher and it will be continued as a collaboration with Hong Kong based artist Wu Jiaru. Fabian Gutscher (in Switzerland) and Wu Jiaru (in Hong Kong) will conduct walks together during the exhibition.

Walking Together Alone is presented as an integration of a reactive sound installation and several participatory events during its exhibited period in Hong Kong. Starting with the ideas of walking and human connection, the piece is designed to have individuals in different places to walk together simultaneously. Eight events that feature one simple goal ‘walking together’ are organized for the public during this exhibition. The participants in each walk are encouraged to bring a found object to the sound installation at the exhibition site after the journey to make the developing installation at the same time a collective validating outcome. Fabian Gutscher and Wu Jiaru, in this case, are the two nodes that connect the walking network between Switzerland and Hong Kong. The artists will announce a task for each walk in advance, which will be then done simultaneously in both cities. The events/performance could be summeraised as “eight reasons to walk”.