to all the Critters in my Fridge

Fridge Neu Bild

Performance at hyperlokal

11.11.21 // 20:00

12.11.21 // 20:00

13.11.21 16:00 + 20:00

Instantaneous mortal critters

Innumerable unfinished symbioses in matter and so on.

"Nature" - a something, a mother, a woman, a goddess, which gives life, enables a habitat. People often speak of "nature" as if it were something separate from them, but "nature" is not just outside in the forest, it is right next to you, around you, on you, inside you.We humans are nature and with us all the critters. We permanently enter into symbiosis with it without being aware of it. Nature is there and it is enchanting, complex and yet so easily approachable.

In "To all the critters in my Fridge" mars travel agency explores and illuminates the world and habitats of the non-human co-inhabitants of the earth. It is a collective, polyphonic art project that removes the audience and the performers from the center of all considerations and puts the otherwise invisible into focus, leaving the stage to the critters, so to speak.After all, what are we humans more than compost?

The performance is inspired by the Gaia hypothesis of the biologist and university lecturer Lynn Margulis.